Specialties & Procedures

Orange City Surgery Center continually invests in the latest surgical and diagnostic technology, and has been a pioneer in performing complex surgical procedures in the outpatient setting.

Patients are embracing the innovation that ambulatory surgery centers provide. Ambulatory surgery centers are revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered to patients in a safe and high-quality manner. Doctors perform surgeries that only 30 years ago required lengthy hospital stays and often resulted in long recovery times.

Orange City Surgery Center is Medicare certified and has negotiated contracts with various insurance networks and providers. In addition, we work with automotive insurance, workers compensation, as well as any programs allowing out-of-network benefits. We also offer competitive private pay pricing. Please call with questions regarding other insurance providers. Our office staff is happy to assist with obtaining insurance authorizations as needed and will work with your patients on payment arrangements as necessary.

Our Technology:

Pain Management: OEC 8800 C-arm, Philips BV 300 C-arm

Experienced in doing permanent and trial pumps and Spinal Cord Stimulators

Orthopedic: Two (2) Olympus towers and monitors with scopes and equipment for Arthroscopic shoulder, knee and ACL repairs

We have access to multiple companies who provide us with a wide inventory of specialty implants and equipment.

The specialties performed at our center include: